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Accelerated Development Program for ELT Managers: Language Center Managers, Directors of Study & School Coordinators.

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A 20-hour program aimed at improving the understanding of the function of the ELT Manager, providing new and experienced managers with simple systems, a focusing on people and, in general, raising self-awareness and encouraging self-direction and choice.

LEADcare was created by Kielaa's team of experts, based on the specific needs of English Language Teaching Managers. Our program has exceeded the expectations of ELT Managers around the world by giving them the necessary tools to be more effective, productive, organized, and providing them with a strong leadership that allows them to successfully lead their teams.​

Superb Leadership.  Superb Productivity.  Superb Management.

The duo that makes our program infallible


1- LEADcare Program +  2- N.E.T. Material

1.- LEADcare Program 

Course Content

I. Introduction
II.  What is an ELT Manager?

III. Managing Time & Effective Delegation
IV. Teachers

1 Effective teamwork

· Team differences (DISC)

2 Settling in (New Hires)

3 Providing Teacher/ Employee support

· Dealing with difficult behavior
· Motivation

4 Observation
5 Appraisal Programs
6 Timetabling

V. Working with Students / Customers

1. Customer feedback

VI. Self Development as a LCM /DOS/Coordinator 

2.- No-Extra-Time Material

Keep honing you skills

With out NET Material you can continue to improve your management skills with the most incredible Books & Audiobooks

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